Job And Finish

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Definition: Job And Finish

Job and finish is a practice of leaving workplaces when one finishes his assigned job without any fixed timing being followed. An employee has to stay at the workplace as long as there is work. Once the job is finished, the employee can leave for the day.

Positives about Job-And-Finish

1. Focus on Job and not on time

Job-And-Finish puts focus on job at hand. In this kind of work culture, job or duty at hand becomes more important than just completing the schedule for the day. When people are asked to stay at workplace for 8 hours then focus becomes completing these eight hours. This completely removes focus from amount of work done in those 8 hours.

2. Focus on quality of work

When task assigned are measured not on numbers being attained or time spent on doing it; quality becomes important. It gives people the necessary freedom to decide how they will distribute time and deliver work. As target is not fulfilling time, it remove extra pressure of attaining work in that particular time.

3. Motivates employee to finish his work early

When employer implement Job-And-Finish, it motivate employee including workers to finish work as early as possible. With such motivation being given every day, employee fill more engage in his work. They will not engage in activities which will reduce productivity.

4. Reduces constraint on resources that are kept on for completing schedule

In order to fulfil the fixed time slot employee tend to use resource like Air conditioning, computer system etc. This create pressure on these resource and also add to the cost of company in running these resources.

5. Resources become available for next use at the earliest

When people work efficiently, they use resource at optimum level. When resource are used at optimum they are actually available for next day at earliest. This true for transportation or supply chain industry where if resource can be loaded on earlier day and next day, they are immediately available for delivery.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Job And Finish along with its overview.

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