Accident Book

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Definition: Accident Book

Accident book is an official record of all the accidents, death and injuries that have happened in an organization during working hours or in the premise of the work place. These records are maintained so that compensation can be claimed by workers and can be provided by organizations as per the policies. If the case requires legal actions also, inside or outside the organization, these records are to be presented.

If the organization has more than 10 people employed, it is necessary to keep accident book, as per Social Security Regulations 1979 (Claims and Payments). The record of an accident in the accident book must contain the date, time and place of the accident. Name, job title of the injured person and the place of the accident also. It must contain the brief description of the accident. The name of the person who provided first aid should be written. This accident book is used as reference at the time of investigation of the accident.

It is advised that all injuries which requires first aid and all near misses which have potential to cause physical loss or injury should be reported. Reporting all incidents of these types is a good practice as it helps to identify the sources causing accidents or have potential to cause accidents. This accident book is checked and analyzed after a month (or any specified time) and companies try to identify the pattern of accidents so that it can help them create a zero damage zone in the company. There are statutory bodies and law concerned to reporting of accidents and various measures taken regarding leaves and compensations after the accidents. Companies have to abide by those laws. In some companies there are some governing parameters related to reporting of accidents and compensations but they cannot bypass or contradict the statutory laws.

However, there are discrepancies about certain things for reporting to accident book. As an example should commuting accidents be recorded as workplace accidents? Commuting accidents means the accidents happened while coming to or going back from workplace. Few organizations does not count these as workplace accidents but few does. Some countries like Greece count them as workplace accidents. These Accidents books are maintained by HRs or Health and safety department or any dedicated department to accidents, depends upon company and the size of the company.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Accident Book along with its overview.


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