Work-Family Integration

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Definition: Work-Family Integration

Work-family integration is the concept where employees can use facilities, technology, policies etc to integrate their office work as well as their personal life with their family. Integrating work and life is beneficial for employees also as they can spend more time with their family.

How companies are working on integrating work and life?

• Work from home policy: If the employees get opportunities like work from home, they can easily contribute to both family responsibilities and office work. It helps them to take care of children and elders without taking leave form office.


• Flexible work assignments: If the company provide flexibility to work as per the hours chosen by employees, it can leads to in fact more productivity. This is because it depends upon individual that at what time they can focus more upon work. For example, few people think they are more productive during morning hours. At the same time, few think that they feel drowsy and like to work in afternoon hours. Choosing their own schedule helps employees to maintain better balance between work and life.


• Child & Elder care initiatives: Initiatives taken like providing crèche/day care center in work premise relives mother from bothering about their children. Hence, it helps them to concentrate more on their work. Similarly taking leave during work hours to take parents to the hospital/clinic for checkups is also not an issue to employers now a days.


• Working from distant location (work center in different location): The compulsion to be on the work desk from 9 to 5 is not pleasing anymore to employees as well as employers. In case of any personal urgency or family obligations, most of the companies provide options to employees to work from other locations also.


Why companies are focusing upon work-life Integration?

Integrating work and life helps in achieving more productivity and actually reduces attrition. In fact many employees prefer work-life balance than heavy salaries.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Work-Family Integration along with its overview.


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