Accidents at Work

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Definition: Accidents at Work

Accident at Work is any occurrence of event in course of work which affects employee's physical or mental health. Work place injuries are common in the industries like real estate and construction which involves physical efforts and risk. Accidents at workplace can cause major impairment which can make it unfavorable for the employee for any kind of work in future, this affects his work life as well as personal life.

In this cases the company has to pay for the damages caused or else the employee may sue the company for medical expenses and damages. In any cases this would cost a lot for a company.


Some of the most common workplace accidents and injuries are as follows:

1. The injuries due to over exertion or effort such as lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying etc.

2. Injuries cased due to fall on same level surfaces, for example: fall on wet and slippery floors, mainly by old people

3. Injuries cased due to fall on lower level surfaces, for example: fall from high areas like roofs, stairways, ladders etc.

4. Accidents caused by objects struck to body, like: objects falling from roof which are dropped by other person

5. Accidents caused due to bodies stuck against an object, for example: when a worker accidentally runs into glass doors, walls, chairs etc.

6. Accidents caused during transportation of goods for business purposes in highways


Employers have to design their workplaces with extra care to avoid such accidents and all the safety measures should be at place foreseeing any possible accidents. Preventing work injuries is always beneficial in two ways, i.e. for both employers and employees. By preventing accidents, employers will not have to suffer legal action, do not incur additional costs, employees will get motivated and employer can also earn good reputation.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Accidents at Work along with its overview.


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