Procedural Rules

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Definition: Procedural Rules

Procedural rules define the standards and systematic step by step procedures or rules to be followed in an organization generally and in case of any situation. Procedural rules are important in a structured and big organization to avoid any confusion and run the administrative functions smoothly.

These rules help in shaping the culture of the organization and also help in making the organization a desirable place to work. In any organization generally, it is the role of Human Resource department to formulate policies and procedures. And Human Resource staff members play a critical role in helping managers and staff members to understand and interpret policies fairly and equitably.


Procedural rules explain all the procedures needed to follow, they typically include the following things in an organization:

1. They define general responsibilities as a member of organization

2. They define dress code and code of conduct

3. They define employment practices and hiring process

4. They define procedures for voluntary and involuntary termination of employees

5. They define the leave policy in an organization: the different types of leaves available, the number of leaves with pay, number of leaves without pay, procedure for the repayment for the unused leaves

6. They define compensation practices, bonus and other benefits

7. They define workplace health and safety policies etc.


Generally, the HR staff discusses with the employees and union leaders and make policies which are beneficial to both organization and employees. Everyone shares equal responsibility for adhering to the procedures and norms of behavior and to protect the culture and well being of community and make organization great place to work.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Procedural Rules along with its overview.

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