Garden Leave

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Definition: Garden Leave

Garden leave in HR perspectives refers to the concept where the employer pays the employee even though he is not allowed to come to the workplace. This concept is generally practiced when the employee has been terminated, or is serving the notice period or the end of it.


1. New possible manpower alternatives could be found out during this period

2. The employee is prevented from access to confidential data, which may cause the organization harm

3. If any disciplinary action is pending, it does not hamper the morale of other employees.


1. The company is losing money in the process, as he is not allowed to work but being paid

2. Valuable work time is lost in certain cases, when the employee is not allowed to work due to garden leave

3. Even if a person comes back after a leave, chances are high that he will not be that productive in the long run.


1. The garden leave is a good way to ensure that the employee does not make any problem for the company.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Garden Leave along with its overview.


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