Secondary Picketing

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Definition: Secondary Picketing

Secondary Picketing is protesting & not allowing others to enter at the supplier or customer firm premises of employer which may not be involved in dispute. Secondary Picketing is illegal as per UK laws as obstructing somebody from doing their work is illegal. Secondary picketing is industrial action but its legality is only when it is done in peaceful way.

Following are the activities that are considered illegal

1. Threaten or abuse people on the premises of other firm who crosses picketing line for attending their workplace for work

2. blocking of vehicle entering the workplace like any material arriving to the plant of supplier or customer firm of employer

3. Damaging the properties for not listening to the demand or other such activities

4. Carrying weapons for the purpose of threating or any other intention to picketing area

5. Obstructing police from doing their duties who are outside

6. Entering any premises without necessary permission for the same

7. Creating disturbances like making noise nuisances

8. Putting posters, circulating leaflets which uses offensive language for threating

Situation in which secondary picketing is considered legal-

1. When supplier or customer is any way related to continuation of dispute. If other firm helping employer to continue strike in any means then secondary picketing at these firm can be considered legal by law.

2. Here proving that other firm is involved in continuation of dispute is not exactly required. It is sufficient to have prima facie belief that other firm is assisting employer to keep dispute going. The direct involvement is what required as remote involvement cannot be considered.

3. In such case .firm that is subjected to secondary picketing must bring fact on the table. As such secondary picketing does not help firm subjected secondary picketing in terms of any gain from continuation of dispute except any indirect benefit which could be illegal.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Secondary Picketing along with its overview.

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