Shop Steward

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Definition: Shop Steward

Shop Steward is person who is represents interest of worker while dealing with management on the matter relating to health, safety and welfare of workers. Shop Steward plays very important role in communicating information between workers and management. He/she works in collaboration with worker at shop floor to resolve day to day issue which might lead to industrial action.

With these fundamental activities shop steward has following roles to play

1. Leadership Capacity

-Understanding issues of workers

-providing solution to these issues with in capacity legal context

-not supporting any biased views expressed by workers

-working along with all worker as collective actions bring change

2. Representation of workers

-getting workers issues to the management

-conveying workers decision on pending matters

-negotiations with management about issues faced by workers and arriving at solution

3. Conformity to resolved issues

-Successful implementation of negotiated agreements

-being informed about any signed agreement not getting executed in right spirit

4. Mentorship

-creating awareness about newly signed agreements with workers, why new agreements were signed

-providing information about latest developments in labour law like dispute resolution mechanism

-providing regular updates to union leadership on various matters related to ongoing issues

5. Adding new workers in union

-shop steward must encourage new workers to be part of union activities

-usually shop steward is first person who meets new workers where he/she must orient worker about union policies and why participation in union is important.

- Shop steward should brief them about various agreement signed between union and management

Action that are not expected from Shop Steward:

-power for stopping work in case of dispute. There are proper rule in case where work stoppage is ordered and who should do it from union side

With above roles and responsibilities, shop steward act as important bridge between works, union and management.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Shop Steward along with its overview.


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