Strike In Detail

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Definition: Strike In Detail

Strike in Detail is refusal to accept employment below union decided payment by an individual. In case of Strike in Detail, workers do not accept job which gives payment below level decided by union. With this refusal by individual member the following aspect comes into picture.

As per normal definition of Strike, it is common refusal to perform the work. When section of worker refuse to perform their duties or reduces theirs productivity, it is termed as Strike. The reason for refusal to perform work is the demand put forward by union on which management is not giving their consent.


1. Workers remain Unemployed:

With denial of work which pays less than limit decided by union, many a time’s workers would remain unemployed. But at the same time worker were given enrolment in union though they are not employed.

2. Union would provide unemployment benefits in case of unemployment:

With workers denying work which are below certain limit, many workers remain unemployed. In such scenarios, union provide unemployment benefits to workers who have rejected employment for lesser payment than one decided by union.

3. Supply of labour to low paying reduces due to this

With most of members refusing low paying jobs, labour supply to these job reduces. In this way employer who want to hire worker with low payment, cannot operate with such recruitment strategy.

4. Employers are forced to accept Union regulation in this way

With short of labour supply, employers are forced to accept to union regulation. This system in this way forces unionization on employers.

This was practiced by craft trade unions in older times. This practice now not widely observed. As new technology in terms of manufacturing invented, employer started finding alternative to workers. This might be the cause that Strike in Detail lost its value in terms of industrial action. With collective bargaining coming into picture such action could not be accepted by law.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Strike In Detail along with its overview.


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