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Definition: Whitleyism

Whitleyism is provision of voluntary permeant board for resolving issues related to wage, working hours etc. by management and workers. The Whitleyism is provided in UK to provide common platform for negotiations of concerns faced by each side. It is representative council in British industries for negotiating agreements where there are representatives from both the sides. These councils were engaged to develop holistic understanding of problem. It would also create mutual trust between both the sides. This would finally result into benefit of company where both side are working.

In these board, employer participate as ‘Official Side’ and employee as ‘Staff Side’. It was initially framed for resolving disputes of public or civil servants. It became robust machinery to resolve issue for all civil servants.

Whitleyism principle have become good framework in solving staff issues faced by local public administration. Whitley Council come up around 1914-1917.Following are the majors conditions under which Whitleyism came up in UK. Smooth function of industry was necessity for Britain. During 1917 London was going through period of First World War. For ensuring smooth supply to war, smooth functioning of industry become necessity. Relations between employee and employer need to be very good to ensure unobstructed supply of output to war.

Areas where Whitely Council provided negotiation platform

1. Determination of wage rates:

Deciding mutually agreeable wage rate requires lot of negotiations. Whitely Council provide right platform for such negotiations. As these council have equal representation from both the sides, it acted as workplace partnership institute.

2. Condition of Work and terms for work:

Another important issue of conflict for both side was condition of work provided by employer. At times working condition were inhuman to work at. For ensuring healthy work place. Whitely Council provided right platform.

Whitleyism provided necessary framework for resolving conflict in mutually agreeable manner. This practice was extended to non-industrial sector also on later.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Whitleyism along with its overview.


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