Working Time

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Definition: Working Time

Working Time is total time decided by employer for employee to work in establishment on daily and weekly basis. Majority of countries specify forty eight hours of weeks’ time. There can be five day week or six day week. But over one week period, maximum working hours are limited to forty eight hours maximum.

Also daily eight hours of work if six full day work is followed. These are enacted to ensure that no employer put pressure for extended work hours on any employee. Also weekly limit is specified to accommodate any deviations which would be compensated on other days of week.

Overtime Provisions:

Though working times are limited to forty eight hours weekly, it does not prevent worker from doing overtime. Only payment should be made for extra time apart from regular time. Also payment rate for overtime are usually double the normal payment rate. Overtime help in continuing for some more time without disturbing setup of machine tool.

Working time in shifts:

Shift working is practiced industries to ensure continuous production. Only person doing the work changes but production continues for twenty four hours. In this case work is carried out in three shift of eight hours duration each of which are morning, afternoon and night shift.

In case of shifts, it is important to note that same person cannot continue to come in same shift weeks after weeks. Rotation of shift for person is mandatory.

Provision of Weekly Off:

For every six day of work week, employer must provide one day as weekly off. If due to urgency person could not take leave on seventh day, he /she must be compensated accordingly.

Provision of paid leaves:

Employer must grant paid leaves to employee for his /her medical and other personal reason like important event in family etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Working Time along with its overview.


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