Re-Entry Shock

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Definition: Re-Entry Shock

Re-Entry Shock is the term used when a person returns to his/her native place/culture after spending considerable time in some foreign land/culture. This is also known as Reverse culture shock. This shock varies from person to person and also with the degree of difference in cultures. This shock may be greater than the Entry shock (when person enters some other culture) as he/she is lesser prepared in the former case. Uneasiness, irritation, frustrations, longer sleeping hours is some of the symptoms of this effect. In addition, person is always willing to go back to foreign culture they recently came back from.

It generally takes a person some time to settle down to normalcy and process is a gradual one. If a person comes back with a conscious mind acknowledging the changes then it becomes easier for his/her to adjust. Also, lesser immersed the person is into other culture, easier it becomes to adjust back. In personal life also, after returning to home from a foreigner country to settle down, it takes time to be in the same bond with the family. One of the reason is family members’ behavior remains the same but the person’s personality has changed a lot during his/her stay in foreign country.

An appropriate example in this case would be as follows:

Let’s say a young lad, named, Yuvraj decides to study abroad in USA for his Master’s degree. He completed his degree and return home to take up a job here. After returning he observed that though his personality has changed a lot in these two years in a different environment but people here still consider him a same fellow.


He finds it difficult to suddenly adjust to this older lifestyle and habits. Feeling of restlessness creeps in and he suddenly wants to go back to his life in America. It will certainly take him some time to get back to his life again.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Re-Entry Shock along with its overview.

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