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Definition: Traditionalist

Traditionalist, as name suggest, is an individual or an employee who confines herself to the traditional HR activities such as training, recruitment, compensation management, exit process, etc. for the employee. The term has been borrowed from the religious ideology where teaching are to stick to the basics.

Some of the other duties that traditionalist takes care of:

• Process for the selection and recruitment

• Paper work for the new employee

• Administrative work

• Team building activities

• Interface between management and workforce

Traditional HR manager, normally, would not be concern herself with the policies of the company at the highest level. They would just follow their day to day activities and the routine job. Actually, they will stick to their work profile and work on the above mentioned duties.

This is in contrast with the modern day strategic human resource model adopted by some organizations in which HR personnel acts as equal partners in formulation of company’s strategic and future approach. They not only make sure that right employee gets hired, but also looks for the organization employee fit. They take a long term view of the opportunities of the company and look for a right people according to it. Value addition by the employee to the organization is their main motto.

A good example of it would be as follows:

Say, Mr. X is working in a company as a HR manager. He has been working from last 20 years. Now with the recent change in trend in industry practices, he is observing that new lateral hiring in HR domain has been working in different job description .They are more involved in the company policies and are quite active in employee suitability process. He observes that, at times, they act as a line mangers. Here Mr. X can be called as a Traditionalist.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Traditionalist along with its overview.


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