Bargaining Scope

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Definition: Bargaining Scope

Bargaining scope can be defined as the range of topics and issues covered in the collective agreement. When a conflict is raised by the employees to the management, they follow standard procedures to settle down the issues. During this stage of settlement, all the points raised will be written down in a agreement. The topics covered in this agreement defines the scope.

It can cover right of employees, powers of employees, responsibilities and duties of employers, power of management etc. The issues mainly revolve around the shifting of balance of power between employers and employees. Depending on the level at which bargaining takes place there occurs a lot of differences regarding what should be covered, what should be not be covered in the scope of the agreement and also what should be considered as matters for bargaining and what matters can be considered for consultation.


Generally, the core issues that directly affect the employer's costs and employees needs will fall into the scope of collective bargaining. In general, the scope agreement will cover the issues relating to rates of pay, overtime compensation, working hours, work timings, shift premiums, facilities and bonus etc. Along with the scope also covers the power of unions and employers and also the role of government.


During bargaining, in most of the cases we can expect that employers try to reduce the scope of the agreement so that they can retain the power. And the opposite is true in case of unions. They try to increase the scope to reduce the power in the hands of management. This takes place continuously till the conflict is settled with the final agreement.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Bargaining Scope along with its overview.


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