Collective Employment Law

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Definition: Collective Employment Law

Collective Employment Law deals with any employment agreements between employer and registered trade union. The employment laws talk about the rules and regulations of the employment contracts and management of conflicts that governs the relationship between employer and employee. The employment law can be broadly divided into two categories. They are individual employment law and collective employment law.


On the other hand, individual employment law deals with the employment agreements between employer and employee.

An employee might enter into individual employment contract with the employer but once the employee is in his/her job role he/she has to deal with the complex set of social relationships with fellow employees. That is, the social relationship is collective but a not a individual relationship. Collective Employment Law deals in many levels: company level, establishment level, sector level, region level, territory level etc.


Some of the things which Collective employment law deals with, are the following:

1. Collective bargaining: It is the process of negotiation between unions and employer to settle the demands.

2. Conciliation: Settling the issues in presence of 3rd party.

3. Work conditions: like timings, facilities provided etc.

4. Compensation: General compensation, bonus, overtime compensation etc.

5. Compensation for the damages caused to the employee during the work for the organization.

6. Safety measures: laws clearly specify the safety measures which are to be present in the work place to ensure safety and handle any unforeseen situations.

7. Dismissal and retrenchment issues.

8. Lay off issues: this is when the employer does not have any work to allot to the workmen

9. Strike and similar situation.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Collective Employment Law along with its overview.


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