Race Equality Duty

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Definition: Race Equality Duty

Race Equality Duty is law which mainly deals with the behavior towards people of different race (i.e. people with different skin color, and/or different ethnic or national origin, and/or different nationality). Wherever one is born, whatever one's skin color is, wherever one's parents come from, one has right to be treated equally.


The Race Equality Duty is covered under Equality Duty Act, which also covers other duties such as Age Equality Duty, Disability Equality Duty etc. Equality Duty is a duty mainly on public bodies and any other bodies which carry out public functions. It makes sure that the public bodies look at the needs of all individuals equally. The main objectives of Race Equality duty are:

1. To eliminate unlawful victimization, unlawful discrimination, harassment and other conduct which is prohibited by the act.

2. To encourage people of other race to participate in public life

3. To advance equality of opportunity between people of same race and people of different race.

4. To foster good relationship between people who share secured attribute and people who do not share it.

5. To encourage positive attitudes towards the people of different race.


Under the Equality duty, the publicly funded education providers should not discriminate people who belong to different race. They should be treated equally in all aspects covering admissions, access to facilities, fee structure, provision of education etc. Employers also have duty not to discriminate them and treat them equally all the aspects covering recruitment, salary structure, bonus and benefits, promotions and transfers, dismissal and retirement etc. Even private employers who perform public function (For example: A private company which received government contract of running a prison) are subject to the duty.

*This law is only applicable in specific countries (It applies in UK).

Hence, this concludes the definition of Race Equality Duty along with its overview.

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