Equality Impact Assessment

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Definition: Equality Impact Assessment

Equality Impact Assessment is basically a phenomenon which ensures that people get equal treatment, be in terms of skills, appraisal, job structure, organizational tasks & so on. It basically is focused on helping the disadvantaged people, or people who are looked down upon.

This could be considered as an answer to the modern racism which we had discussed. In cases where unequal treatment is meted out be it in terms of gender, race, appraisal decisions, Equality Impact Assessment acts as an important tool to keep inequality in check.


1. It helps in reducing inequality at the workplace, and promotes greater fairness in the system.

2. EIA system acts like an incentive, where people feel that they are valuable to the organization.

3. The identification of the situations for EIA also helps tackle other kinds of problems that are similarly harmful for the society.


1. Often it is difficult to predict the underlying causes of inequality in the organization.

2. Even though the process can take care of the inequality aspect, however, this does not ensure that the mindset of the people will change.

Thus even though the EIA takes care of inequality it is imperative that the employees also realize that modern racism causes more harm & tries to promote equality.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Equality Impact Assessment along with its overview.

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