Personnel Record System

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Definition: Personnel Record System

Personnel record system is keeping a track of all the employees of the organization along with their vital information like education, work experience, salary details, project details, training schedules etc. Keeping the system managed helps in understanding the roles/issues that arises in the course of Personnel record system. It helps in making the best use of the human resources, by making a conceptual mapping of all the available resources.


1. Personnel record system is basically considered as the first hand source of the employees in an organization

2. They provide a schema for decision making, focusing on several areas, like,

a. HR Forecasting & planning schemes

b. Recruitment domains

c. Learning & Development domain

d. Besides the fake or redundant information can be eliminated by means of a PRS

3. By PRS, we can get information regarding the contractual status & the career graph of an employee. This helps in gaining insights like, person’s promotional scope, training scope.


1. Support of senior managers is extremely crucial, for getting proper information from the PRS

2. The data contained in PRS is very sensitive, thus it is imperative that proper security measures must be in place

3. Poorly managed PRS, causes problems relating to maintaining an annual payroll, have confidence in data & setting budgets for the same.

Types of Personal Record Systems

1. Traditional/Paper based:

2. Digital/Information Technology based:

Thus on the whole we understand that PRS has a very important role of managing employee data, their competencies & the past records. These data will help us validate the employee’s performance, characteristic, appraisal systems & so on. Having skewed or improperly managed data is difficult for making analysis.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Personnel Record System along with its overview.

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