Culture Change Programs

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Definition: Culture Change Programs

Culture Change Programs are initiatives and programs in companies to continually revise, reassess and update the work culture in the company. An organization culture is made up values, ideals & objectives that when implemented will help the organization in the long run. Over a period of time there may be necessary situations for culture change. It may be due to restructuring, revised objectives, etc.

Every organization that is capable of building, understanding & implementing upon the culture change programs is a possible example of “culture foundation”.

Ways to implement culture change programs



1. It helps in situations where there is a need to get a culture shake implemented

2. It also helps in understanding the areas of major concerns, and transforming them if required.

3. It may be a tool for improving organizational effectiveness & boosting the financial objectives


1. In many cases, organizational changes are focused more on learning new skills, new techniques, rather than implementing them.

2. The results may be visible after a long time, thereby continuous funding is imperative in cases where long term objectives are needed.

3. Extensive focusing on benchmarking, leading to slow implementation

4. In many cases where implementation is needed, the structure may be skewed leading to a weak implementation of the policies.

Thus, even though culture change objectives are a step towards improving the organizational effectiveness, if not properly implemented may result in only cosmetic improvements rather than anything substantial.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Culture Change Programs along with its overview.


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