Union Democracy

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Definition: Union Democracy

Union democracy refers the system by which the trade unions are controlled, improved or modified, in which each and every union worker has a say based on a voting system or mutual agreement. It also takes into account the election mechanisms, which aims at representing people who are a representative part of the working population.

Trade Unions are an important part in many industries. They are like a set of workers who unite in order to achieve certain goals from the company, like better wages, working conditions etc.


1. Organized structure, ensuring that the needs and claims of the trade union is properly determined

2. Controlled resource enabling the union to make the best possible use of the resources.

3. Unionization is also a representative of the worker productivity, thus ensuring union democracy


1. Too much power on union democracy may lead to frequent strikes, slowdown, in case the demands are not met.

2. There may be deadlock in situations where the union & manager are not on the same page.

Thus, even though unions are good for both the managers & workers while serving upon the communication purposes, it is imperative to keep it regulated.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Union Democracy along with its overview.


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