Third Place Working

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Definition: Third Place Working

Third place working is when an employee is working for the company when he or she is not at their workplace or even at their homes. Common examples of third place working would be a train, plane, or somewhere on a vacation at any place. Third place working is one of the methods that companies are adopting in order to motivate employees, and allow scope for relaxation while getting the work done.

There are numerous places from which an employee can work on any assignment, project or any given situation. Primary (first place working) being the office. Second place is specifically referred to as the home, and third place is somewhat apart from these 2 places.

According to Regus Business Tracker survey, 45% companies globally expect staffing to their payroll next year, while 9% are laying-off employees. A net 41% companies are still targeting to reduce overheads by more efficient corporate infrastructures (third place workings).


1. Third place working allows for a change in not in the daily chores of office & home, but also allows a change in location

2. It allows for better planning & usage of the hours in a day. People can work efficiently as and when he likes, in other words, better work life balance

3. The focus is primarily on the job to be done, rather than coming to office. Besides, better productivity as the person does face few interruptions, unlike working from home or the office premises.

4. Financial benefits in terms of office space, office systems, etc.


1. There may be issues regarding maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

2. It may have negative repercussions in cases where the person has to work for long hours, apart from the office & home.

3. Increased communication costs & the performance tracking is also difficult.

4. Decreased team bonding in cases where the team has to keep working in a close knit environment physically.

Thus even though third place working is beneficial for some kind of jobs like creative designing, etc., it fails in situations where you have to maintain close contact & communication with the employees in the organization.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Third Place Working along with its overview.


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