Union Exclusion

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Definition: Union Exclusion

Union exclusion is the process in which a person with union background is identified and excluded from the recruitment process. Under union exclusion, a person who has previously worked in a highly unionized company or firm is also not allowed for the recruitment process.

In certain times such worker is even blacklisted by the company hence closing all possibilities of applying for the job. Many companies after recruitment are making it compulsory for its employees to sign a non-union contract during the time of appointment.

These exclusions are useful for the company and it helps the company in safeguarding its employee from indulging in forming some unions. There are many reasons or contingent variables which always pushes an employee to join a union. These unions in later stages result in strike or bandh or other things which results in the loss for the company.

So union exclusion results in exclusion of people who have prior knowledge of forming unions, or a person who has been member of a union from the recruitment process. So during recruitment it is the best practice to keep such people away from going through the recruitment process. The human resource team designs different strategies and ways to implement checks so that they can keep unionized people away. They try to blacklist such people safeguarding the organization from any problem in distant time.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Union Exclusion along with its overview.


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