Six Thinking Hats de Bono

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Definition: Six Thinking Hats de Bono

Edward de Bono wrote a book called Six Thinking Hats to look at the decision from different perspectives. The book is used as a management tool to record the responses from different perspectives in a group discussion.

The six perspectives as mentioned in the book include:

  1. Information: (White)
  2. Emotions (Red)
  3. Bad points judgment (Black)
  4. Good points judgment (Yellow)
  5. Creativity (Green)
  6. Process control (Blue)

The underlying principle behind the book says that every decision can be looked from six different perspectives which he clubbed by different colours and hence in case of a group discussion every member used to wear the cap of a certain colour and use to respond from that perspective and then the cap rotates and the member reacts from the new perspective as asked by the cap.


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