Stress Interview

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Definition: Stress Interview

In this form of interview, the interviewer deliberately seeks to make the applicant uncomfortable during the process. Often, rude questions form a portion of such interviews.

This type of interview serves as an indicator of the sensitivity levels of an individual and also clearly determines the stress tolerance levels of the applicant.

For example, the interviewer may probe into the weaknesses of the individual and put him in an uncomfortable situation hoping to get the candidate to lose his composure. For instance, an applicant for the job of a Manager who states that he has changed 5 jobs in the past 2 years could be branded as irresponsible and immature by the interviewer. If the applicant is able to respond with a reasonable explanation without losing his temper would be a favourable choice against someone who would have an outburst at the accusation.

To conduct a stress interview is a very challenging task and requires people who are skilled in this domain with a high level of expertise.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Stress Interview along with its overview.

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