Social HR

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Definition: Social HR

With more and more companies experimenting with social media platforms to market and brand their identities, many companies have started integrating social technologies into recruitment, development and engagement of employees which is known as Social HR. Doing so drives self-service, relevancy to employees’ every day work and the ability to interact and engage with employees at the same time enabling employees to help themselves online.

Self-service is a driving force in how companies now interact with customers: mobile apps, social technologies, etc., are all enablers of self service. It has become the norm and the companies intend to apply the same methodology to how they interact with their employees.

Besides reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving employee motivation and engagement, there are many other advantages to Social HR, most notably:

  • Give your employees a sense of empowerment and control
  • HR staff are able to focus on more strategic tasks
  • Get a clear view of your employees' career development
  • Employees are able to update their own records at any time
  • Manage all organization training from one central platform
  • Improved training reporting and analysis
  • Leverage the investment made in your back end systems/HR solutions
  • Improved efficiency and control over staff training
  • Provide more for less and better for less

Example: Ernst & Young implements social HR pretty well, by having two-way interactions with potential job candidates through the Ernst & Young Careers Facebook page, where people can come and ask recruiters questions about career planning and applying for jobs.

Unlike newspaper advertisements, regular media and job boards, social media allows for two-way communication where employers can access candidates, talk with them prior to the interview and, most importantly, direct them to the right opportunities.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Social HR along with its overview.

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