Meeting Leader

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Definition: Meeting Leader

A meeting leader is the person who convenes and conducts the meeting. The role of the meeting leader is generally assumed by the department head. However depending upon the agenda and the designations of the people attending the meeting, this role could be assumed by any leader.

The success of the meeting depends upon how the way meeting leader guides the meeting. Hence his communication skills and interpersonal skills are highly crucial to a successful and meaningful meeting.

The meeting leader is responsible for every aspect of the meeting, right from planning to successful achievement of the agenda. Examples of the key responsibilities include:

  1. Setting up the agenda, and deciding upon whom to invite
  2. Determining a suitable date and time for the meeting
  3. During the meeting, the meeting leader guides the course of discussion making sure everyone is involved
  4. Following-up with the people who had attended asking about their feedback etc.


Meeting leaders are generally decided in advance. At times they even emerge naturally. Some organizations follow the policy of rotating leadership so that everyone is given a chance to display one’s leadership skills.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Meeting Leader along with its overview.


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