Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)

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Definition: Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)

Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) is a provision given to an employee to work in a schedule different from the normal one. This is provided to help employees to balance between their personal life & professional life. It aims to attract & retain the employees, reduce absenteeism and improve morale.

There are different types of FWA offered by organizations. Some of them include:

• Flextime – Here the employee is given a minimum number of hours he/she is expected to work along with ‘core hours’ where the employee must be in office. The employee within this stipulated schedule can alter the start & finish times. For example if the company requires an employee to work for 40 hrs a week and ‘core hours’ from 10am to 3pm. The employee can choose to come at 8am and leave at 3pm or come at 10am and leave at 6pm

• Compressed workweeks – In this type, the working hours per day in a typical 5 day week is increased. For example four 10-hour days, three 12-hour days etc

• Flexplace – The employee can work from home or any other alternate location

• Job sharing – Between two or more employees a full time job is shared and accordingly the salary is also decided

• Leaves – Companies also offer sabbaticals, extended leave for their employees due to ill health, education, maternity etc

• Retirement – Employees who approach their retirement period are gradually reduced with their work load



•Helps to retain high performers in the job •Cannot be applied to all types of jobs
•Can help in improving the job satisfaction & productivity of employees •Seriousness of the job might get lost
•FWA can help in small offices where space is a constraint •Monitoring & evaluation of job performance might be difficult


Hence, this concludes the definition of Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) along with its overview.

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