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Definition: Mentoring

Mentoring is a process in which a person with more knowledge or experience will help a person with less knowledge or experience in career or other personality related matters. It is relationship based. The person who provides support is called mentor and the person who receives support is called mentee. Mentoring will be usually successful only when it is based upon mutual respect and trust. Mentor’s role is to identify the problems faced by the mentee and to suggest solutions for it. In the process the mentor will try to find out more about the mentee by asking questions and try to motivate him/her so as to boost his/her self-confidence.

For example, in companies like BHEL, there is a specific mentorship program designed to help the trainees/new employees. Each trainee will be allotted a mentor who can be in a very senior position, say a deputy general manager or manager. The mentor will help the mentees identify their areas of interest in the job so as to choose a particular department and also to smoothen the transition process into the corporate life. Also the mentor sometimes gives guidance on the possible pitfalls that should be avoided. Often the mentor mentee relationship can stretch through ones career life or life time itself. These kinds of programs are extremely effective in helping the mentee to work with increased confidence and determination.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Mentoring along with its overview.


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