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Definition: Accessibility

It refers to the ease and convenience with which any product, services, function or person is available to as many individuals as possible. High accessibility is highly desired in today’s corporate world. A company’s HR strives to achieve high accessibility in its organization. It ensures free flow of information in all directions.

Special attention is paid to ensure that all the devices and the areas of the organizations are accessible to all the disabled employees. An e.g. would be the use of reclined slopes instead of steps. This helps those on wheelchairs to access the area with comfort.

Another example of the HR policy to make higher executives more accessible is the “Open Door” policy that many multinationals follow. According to the policy, the CEO and the executives are encouraged to leave their doors open to guarantee accessibility and transparency.

Such initiatives boost the morale of the employees and improve the general well-being of the organization.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Accessibility along with its overview.

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