Social Media Background

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Definition: Social Media Background

Social media background screening is a process where employers seek to verify the social networking accounts of an individual in the hiring process, to mainly observe if his social interaction patterns and behavior is appropriate for the company which is looking to hire him

The social media background screening or verification process is usually done as final step in the hiring process, where the individuals’ comments, photos, views on different things are under scrutiny. In recent times the social media background screening has come under light, as violation of an individual’s privacy, where certain employers demand the login and access credentials of candidates who wish to join the company. Federal and state legislators are responding to the issue by introduction bills to amend this issue in the US congress.

There are a set of guidelines which are set for social media background screening process:

  • Search only publicly available content
  • Separate social media researcher from the decision making team
  • Social media verification to happen as a last step in the interview process
  • Compliance with terms and conditions of the social media website
  • Do not force the candidate to divulge login credentials.
  • Document legitimate and non-discretionary information about the individual

Hence, this concludes the definition of Social Media Background along with its overview.

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