Social Media

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Definition: Social Media

Social media is a social platform of interaction and networking which enables you to not only read about news and other matter but also interact with the website and other visitors.

A lot of websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, blogger websites, Internet forums, wikis etc are included under Social Media. Social media differs from traditional media like newspapers, television etc in that it allows you to express your thoughts on whatever you read or view.

Social Media has become an effective tool for Human Resources Management and can be leveraged effectively for recruiting and engaging employees.  Social Media Recruitment is very effective generating access to top class candidates and eliciting immediate responses from them. It is also very cost effective with high returns on investment. Social Media enhances employee engagement through collaboration and interactive learning through each other’s experiences. Though social media brings in a lot of career opportunities it has a negative point of wastage of productive time in social networking sites. It also increases the possibility of hacking and online scams.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Social Media along with its overview.

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