Medical File and Contents

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Definition: Medical File and Contents

The Employee Medical File is an exhaustive repository containing details of everything pertaining to an employee’s health including health benefits, leaved availed on account of medical reasons, health record at the time of joining, reports of annual heath checkups and medical coverage for the employee etc. On account of their sensitive and confidential nature, medical files are kept in safe, inaccessible locations with access limited to the concerned human resource personnel only. Apart from providing a detailed information about a person’s medical history to aid his treatment, medical files are also used in medical R&D and to educate medical students/resident physicians.

A typical medical file includes but is not limited to health insurance application forms, life insurance application forms, applications for employee benefits that might require medical information, Medical job restrictions, Accident and injury reports, including OSHA-required documents, Requests for paid or unpaid medical leaves of absence, Medically-related excuses for absenteeism or tardiness, Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) reports and related paperwork, physician’s examinations, notes, correspondence, and recommendations, workers' compensation reports of injury or illness or any other form or document that contains private medical information about an employee.

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