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Definition: Onboarding

Onboarding is a process of socialization of new hires in an organization which aims to absorb them seamlessly in the system by making them well acquainted with the organizational cultures and values and creating within them a sense of belongingness so that they start performing to the organizational success as quickly as possible.

It starts right from the paperwork and correspondence with a selected candidate prior to his joining to orientation, initial learning of the routine till mastering the role given to the employee. It also includes relationship building through a variety of socialization tactics to help fresh hires in developing camaraderie with co-workers and supervisors. An ideal onboarding program engages new hires fast, notifies and involves all concerned stakeholders, systematically schedules the workflow and introduces new joiners to the organization effectively.

Onboarding plays a vital role in ensuring job satisfaction which in turn instills organizational commitment in the employees and has gained significance with increase in globalization and employee mobility. Several firms use onboarding as a competitive advantage by developing extremely loyal and high performing employees for themselves.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Onboarding along with its overview.

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