Social Recruitment

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Definition: Social Recruitment

Social Recruitment is a proactive process of sourcing and hiring candidates from across geographies using social media as the recruitment channel.

Job seekers and recruiters search, share, engage, converse and refer each other using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and several blogs etc.


The social media platform is widely accessed by the student community. The target audience, i.e., talented individuals can be reached easily. The social media platform opens up new horizon of extending reach across geographies and promotes job openings.

The companies can share about their workplace and culture through communities on such platforms and actively engage students through events and competitions. They exchange views and take feedback to help the organisation grow and make the organisation more employee-friendly. It helps improve the brand name, build a rapport in the community and generate a large pool for recruitment in the near future.

The social media gives companies access to the best talent from across the world, not bound by physical reach. This also gives the company enhanced visibility and the employees also take pride in their company leading to employee satisfaction.


Social Recruitment involves decision making on the following parameters:

  • Channel of communication (Blog/website)
  • Name of the particular websites/blogs
  • Technology to be used
  • Instructions for applications
  • Screening of Applications
  • Defining roles Etc.



Hence, this concludes the definition of Social Recruitment along with its overview.

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