Work-Life Employee Benefits

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Definition: Work-Life Employee Benefits

Work/life employee benefits are the incentives for the employees work hard and perform better. It also encourages them to continue working with the same organization for a long time.

All employees, including star performers, assign equal importance to work/life employee benefits. Employees today want to be a part of an organization that is supportive and trusts staff. They want flexibility in their work so as to be able to have a perfect work-life balance.Hence, organizations must provide some work/life benefits to the employees. These will help them retain the right employees, get the best out of them and thus improve productivity. This will enable to be the employer of choice as well.


Eg – Some of the work/life employee benefits that employees should provide aresick leaves, education allowance, medical allowances, Leave Travel Allowance, retirement plans, etc. Some organizations that provide excellent work/life benefits as per Fortune are Google, SAS, BCG, etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Work-Life Employee Benefits along with its overview.

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