Freedom of Association

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Definition: Freedom of Association

Freedom of association is the right of an individual to come together with other individuals and create or join or leave organizations freely at his own choosing. It is the right for the organization or group to take collective decisions and actions which are in line with the interests of the members.

The freedom of association forms the core of International Labor Organization, India being one of its permanent members. It helps ILO to work towards ensuring that all men and women workers have freedom, equity, security, dignity and the ability to obtain respectable and productive work.

Right to collective bargaining, under the parlance of freedom of association, gives the workers right to collectively form groups to negotiate their terms and conditions and working conditions with their employers. This is why unions are formed between the labors.

Freedom of association gives workers freedom to establish confederation and international organizations without fear of interference and retaliation. The right applies to all workers in the same manner, without any discrimination based on race, caste, creed, religion, gender, occupation, nationality or political support. It also applies to workers who do not have formal contracts of employment.

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