Social Collaboration

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Definition: Social Collaboration

Social collaboration is a recent practice adopted by HR professionals in which the employees from different levels and departments can freely interact and share their ideas, opinions, knowledge in an informal way so that the employees can have good understanding of challenges and opportunities in current business along with the requirements of sustaining employment.

Social collaboration, in this way, bypasses the traditional channel in which the subordinates are usually guided by their senior managers and mentors, and removes the walls that used to limit the interaction between employees at different levels.

Some of the advantages of social collaboration are:

  1. Informal ways to capture and share key information which otherwise would be difficult to obtain through formal channels
  2. Reduction in the overall cost of employee training
  3. Effective way to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of employees thus facilitating the performance appraisal process
  4. Wide publicity to employees’ achievements and promotions
  5. Better way to identify a suitable job-fit for an individual employee

Some of the companies have resorted to creating software platforms to enhance social collaboration among its employees.

e.g.) Suppose a company wants to train a newly hired sales representative. By traditional means, the company has to invest a lot of time in conducting training sessions, arranging meetings and lectures etc. However, if the new employee is allowed to interact with product managers, sales managers at the time of mutual convenience, he/she can learn much faster by gaining knowledge of real time scenario as well as from personal experiences of the managers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Social Collaboration along with its overview.

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