Meeting Notetaker

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Definition: Meeting Notetaker

In a meeting, many people present their diverse views, often at a time. So it is impossible for everyone to remember each point of the meeting. However, a note of all the points raised is very crucial for complete success of the meeting. This is where the need for taking notes in a meeting arise from. The person carrying out this task is called a meeting note-taker. The points recorded by the person are called the ‘minutes of meeting’.

In normal corporate meetings, one of the employees participating in the meeting becomes the meeting note-taker. In cases of graver importance like meetings of board of directors, government proceedings, legal hearings, etc. a non-participating individual records the minutes of the meeting and its proceedings, the reason being need for accuracy of the records. The person cannot afford to get distracted by requirement of participation in the meeting.

In less graver situations, where one of the participants takes the meeting notes, the person must be good in multi-tasking who can do both at the same time. Also, a note-taker must have an ear for detail. After the meeting, he/she must also be quick in circulating the minutes to the concerned persons (standard: within 24 hours). Varying across organisations, the note-taker may be the same person for all the meetings or the responsibility may be rotated.

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