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Definition: Volunteerism

Volunteerism deals with the practice in which organizations encourage and facilitate volunteering of their employees in community welfare activities. Typically the employees work during their office time or free time with some support from their organizations.

Volunteerism falls under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Volunteerism is also viewed as an important tool to reduce the suspicious opinion of a community about a business. Corporate volunteering programmes benefit both the society as well as the business. The organizations are able to attract, retain and develop a talented workforce fully committed to its vision and goals. Also the employees who are willing to make contribution towards social development get the opportunity to do the same without having to compromise on their livelihood.

Some of the advantages of corporate volunteering are:

1. Employee Engagement:

Recent surveys have shown organizations in favour of volunteerism make their employees more satisfied and loyal. These employees also speak positively about their organization.

2. Talent Acquisition:

The younger generation prefers to work for an organization which shows understanding towards social and environmental issues. They expect their organization to give them some time to work for the society.

3. Employee Development:

Organizations gain competitive advantage through tangible and intangible resources. Tangible resources (like machinery, raw materials etc) are easy to replicate but not the intangibles ones (like skillful, committed and innovative employees). Volunteerism makes the employees aware of pressing social needs and concerns in addition to imparting skills of interacting with people from diverse background.

4. Higher Interaction:

Volunteerism also helps to bring together employees from different departments, units, locations at one place thus increasing interaction and conversation between them.

5. Reduction in Health Related Problems:

Volunteerism has also helped in reduction of health related problems for many employees by giving them emotional satisfaction, stress reduction and reduction in obesity.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Volunteerism along with its overview.


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