Behavioral Based Interview

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Definition: Behavioral Based Interview

It is one of the most commonly used interviewing technique, which is based on the paradigm that the best reflection of how a candidate would perform is the future is dependent on how the candidate has performed in the past in similar situations. The interviewer uses the candidate’s responses to these questions as a predictor to decide how well he/she would react and respond to in the new position.

The questions in such interviews are developed around the skills, abilities and traits that are required for the candidate to succeed well in the position he/she is applying for in the organization. Typical questions would require the candidate to describe a situation in which he/she has displayed leadership abilities, team-work, communication skills or the ability to resolve conflicts in the past which help the interviewers analyze the candidate’s behavior patterns through his past experiences and thus identify his/her core competencies.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Behavioral Based Interview along with its overview.


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