Rotational Training

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Definition: Rotational Training

Rotational Training is a type of Training and Development method where employees move from one task to another to broaden their experience in an Organization.

Through Rotational Training understanding, knowledge and skills of an employee is enhanced by rotating them between departments or company functions. Such an alternative helps employees to overcome over-routinization of their work. By periodic shifting from one task to another with similar skill requirements at same organizational level several benefits can be achieved such as reduction in boredom, increase in motivation and a better understanding of how an employee’s work contributes to the organization. An indirect advantage is that employees with wider range of skills help management to schedule work and fill vacancies more flexibly.

However some of the disadvantages of Rotational Training are that the training costs increase, productivity is reduced when an employee is taken from one task to another just when he/she had reached greater efficiency in his/her previous task. Also disruptions can be caused during adjustments. However the bottom line remains that Rotational Training help employees to understand the various jobs in an organization and their interrelationships, thus improving productivity.

For example: A college graduate entering an organization goes through an entry level Rotational Training Program where he/she is given the opportunity to test his/her skills in a number of different roles such as sales, supply chain management, marketing etc. before settling with a fulltime management role in the organization. Another example is Singapore Airlines where extensive rotation is one of the reasons that it is rated one of the best Airlines in the world and a highly desirable place to work. A ticket agent can take on the duties of a baggage handler!


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