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Definition: Negativity

Everybody talks about and wants the best HR practices which are very useful but it becomes useless if bad practices continue to persist, which leads negativity in the individual and into the organization.

The common practices which leads to negativity are:

• Lack of clarity on deliverables: when the employee does not know about his responsibilities or what the company wants from him/her leads them to negative environment. This occurs due to lack of interest, focus and accountability.

• Employee development without his/ her involvement: Suppose, HR organized a workshop on Communication skills and the employee who has good communication skills attended the same instead of the one who has poor communication skills, due to this negativity can develop.

• Rusting of Talent: When the employee has different skills on which he/she wants to work rather than on which he/ she is assigned to work leads to negativity in the workplace. Due to this work efficiency decreases and disappointment occurs. Example: Suppose “A” has java skills but he is working on dot net.

This also occurs when employees do not get enough opportunities.

• Non- Performers are getting higher incentives.

• Lack of feedback: Due to this productivity decreases and disharmony increases.

Negativity also occurs due to:

• An excessive workload

• Concerns about management’s ability

• Anxiety about the future (income and retirement security)

• Lack of opportunities in the work and if the work becomes monotonous

• Less recognition for the level of contribution

Solution to avoid Negativity:

• Make problem solving team that is capable enough to deal with these types of situations

• Continuous feedback from the employees about their workplace

• Implementation of these feedbacks

• Provide full opportunities

• Make trainings mandatory and give weightage to training in their performance review

• Ask open-ended questions to determine the cause, and the scope of the negative feelings or reactions and take necessary actions on them.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Negativity along with its overview.


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