Non Verbal Communication

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Definition: Non Verbal Communication

Nonverbal communication refers to the exchange of information between people through wordless cues that is mostly visual cues like facial expression, body language, touch, gesture, tone of speaking. The dress, the attitude and the movements that are used in a business transaction can help the seller to convey his message to the customer and also help interpret the customer’s message.

While watching a focus group interview the panel can easily interpret from nonverbal cues the true feeling that a respondent holds to what he is actually speaking. Facial expression holds a very important aspect as it helps to figure out the hidden emotion. Emotions today play a major role in marketing products and services. By being able to connect to the emotions of the consumer, marketers can have a win-win situation.

Body language is a good reflection of the wants and need of a customer, by being able to interpret the same, marketers can design their strategy accordingly. For Example a rising posture of a person clearly indicates his interest and risk taking ability and his power to do so. Non Verbal cues help you understand hidden meanings. Same body posture can often be interpreted to mean agreement between the two parties concerned.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Non Verbal Communication along with its overview.

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