Early Return to Work Program

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Definition: Early Return to Work Program

Early return to work program is a HR initiative which is a collaborative venture where different departments of the organization are involved in the process of return to work after illness. It involves a methodical approach to return or remain at work after an injury/illness irrespective of the occupation. The main aim of this program is to smoothen the process of safe timely return to work after an absence due to injury or medical condition.

The stay at work of an employee is subject to temporary or permanent alternations to include the disability of the individual.

Eg: A personalized return to work may offer subsidies to retain disabled workers and also the costs of hiring to employers. An injury/illness due the course of employment often causes pain and agony for the source of employment and finances. This policy in a way reduces the anguish of its employee while still retaining against its knowledge transfer time.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Early Return to Work Program along with its overview.

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