Product Data Management

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Definition: Product Data Management

Product Brand management is a business function in which some software or tool is used to track & keep a record of data related to a particular product. The data involved is technical specifications related to the product for manufacturing & further development of the product and the materials to be used. Through this product data management, company can keep a track of all the costs associated with creation & launching of a product. Product data management is a part of product life cycle & is widely used by engineers in the company.

The product data management serves as a central database having all the data related to the product. The central data has the product history, promotes integration & notes all data exchange that is being done by all business users. This software will capture all the useful information about the product or services throughout their useful life.

The information in PDM includes part number, part description, vendor name, vendor part & description, measured unit, Cost, CAD designs, Material data sheets etc.

Advantages of PDM:

• All product related data can be managed easily

• Time spent in organizing & finding some data is reduced comprehensively

• The product design data can be reused thereby increasing efficiency

• Increases collaboration


Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Data Management along with its overview.


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