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Definition: Hardware

In general Hardware may refer to tools, utensils, keys, hinges, plumbing materials, machine parts and so on. These items are usually sold in Hardware stores often called as DIY stores. These types of stores are pretty common in foreign countries as it is difficult to get the specialist for carrying out different works.

Hence people from those countries buy the necessary hardware and tools from DIY stores and do the works like plumbing, gardening and painting. Whereas in India due to the abundant supply of workforce, specialist workers who has expertise in carrying out plumbing, gardening, electrician work, bike repairing are available even in small towns and villages. Most of these people carry a hardware tool with them to the site.

In Computer parlance, hardware is collection of physical components which together comprises the computer system. Network hardware refers to the physical components such as router and switches. Server hardware is the physical server like power servers, SAN storage and tape readers. Graphics hardware like NVidia card is a special type of component used to improve the graphics and the visual experience while using a computer. Besides these, electric and electronic hardware components are used in other digital devices.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Hardware along with its overview.

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