Structured Data

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Definition: Structured Data

Structured data is mainly the data stored in relational databases or spreadsheet. In other words there is a predefined data model/data type for such type of data. Predefined data model includes information regarding how the data will be stored, what will be the size of data and what limitations or restrictions the data has got.

Structured data has got several advantages like it is easy to sort, query and analyze. Relational databases generally stores structural data and hence relational database system is fast and reliable. Structural data is basically used in OLTP (Online transactional processing) purposes like air ticket booking, banking transactions and other similar transactional activities.

The opposite of structured data is called unstructured data which is mainly used for analytical purposes. This type of data contains image, video, text, speech etc. and it is not easy to store them in relational databases due to its undefined type and size. Generally this data is used for OLAP (online analytical processing) purposes.

A combination of structured and unstructured data is called semi-structured data.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Structured Data along with its overview.

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