Open Source Software

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Definition: Open Source Software

Open source software is a software where source code is provided along with the binaries so that user can modify it according to his/her mode of usage. Generally open source software creators connect and collaborate over the internet.

Open source software is available over the internet and available for everyone for modification or enhancement. Users can modify/add functionality according to their requirements and distribute the modified software. Open source softwares could be operating system, database, server, cloud product, internet browser, office software, content management software and other similar utilities.

Some examples of open source software are:

a) Linux: which is a computer operating system and kernel

b) MySQL: which is an open source database

c) OpenOffice: which is an office application set (word, spreadsheet, database access etc.) for windows, mac and linux operating system

d) Firefox: which is an open source web browser available for windows, mac and linux systems

e) Apache: which is an open source web server that provides webpages when an user requests some page over the internet

f) Thunderbird: which is an open source email client program

g) Gnome: which is an open source environment for developing desktop application for linux systems.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Open Source Software along with its overview.


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