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Definition: Debugging

Finding and fixing bugs in a computer program is known as debugging. Computer program is generally a hand written code and any mistake done by programmer can result in a bug. In general bugs are of two types: syntax bug (for example using ‘:’ instead of ‘;’ or a spelling mistake) and logical bug (for example using some variable out of its scope).

Removal of such bugs are necessary to make the program work and for this debugger is used. GDB (a GNU debugger) is a popular and powerful debugging tool. It helps the programmer to see what the program was doing just before it crashed or stopped working. It also shows the internal execution of a program while the program is running. It helps programmers examining variables and setting breakpoints at different stages of the program to check what is the value variables are containing at that point of time.

Other famous debuggers are Intel debugger, Microsoft visual studio, eclipse debugger etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Debugging along with its overview.

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