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Definition: Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology, through which data is exchanged over short distances among internet devices by creating a network area. The devices are mostly mobile phones or computers. The name “bluetooth” has been originated from the name of a king in Denmark centuries ago, Harald Bluetooth. It is developed and managed by an organization called Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) which also looks after the trademarks and patents. A device to be sold as a bluetooth device must meet all the standard specifications of Bluetooth SIG.

Bluetooth devices have two important features a) class and b) supported files. The “class” is the distance up to which the connection can be made. Class 1 devices have a range of up to 100 feet (30m) while class 2 devices have a range of up to 10m. Most mobile phones come under the class 2 category. “Profile” refers to the type of Bluetooth connection. The most prevalent connections available are Headset (HSP, wireless headset), OBEX (Object Exchange for transfer of files), A2DP (for sound streaming), Handsfree (HFP) and AVRC (for control of playback). A technology called a piconet is used in the bluetooth network by which a device can connect with a maximum of seven other devices.

Thus Bluetooth simplifies communication and data synchronization between devices. The technology works on radio waves and hence the connection is not interrupted even if object like walls are placed between the devices. Since it uses a standard frequency (2.4 GHz) to operate on, there are no compatibility issues between the Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth cannot be a considered as a replacement for Wi-Fi devices as the speed of data transfer is much lower (mostly less than 1Mbps), the network range is smaller and the supports fewer devices.

Earlier there were security concerns associated with bluetooth, which was then met by a key generation mechanism which is a security code and must be entered in both the devices to be able to share data.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Bluetooth along with its overview.

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